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July 8, 2011

My step daughter Amanda, my best blog follower to date, has requested more pictures. She finally said, “At least put one on of the damn cats.” I wasn’t sure how that related to the topic at hand but I decided to try so Amanda, this one’s for you.

I have always loved cats and will live and die owning one….or more. At present we have 4 which admittedly is too many but I believe pet acquisition is a permanent commitment. They each have their own unique personality and love their home and routine and us. They are funny, quirky, beautiful creatures. They are art in motion and I am fascinated by the show. I’m not alone. Most of the people I know have and love a pet, and mourn for years the ones that are gone. It’s a paradox that we can love our pets so passionately and ignore what happens to the animals we eat. It’s fair to prefer cats and dogs over cows, pigs and chickens, we aren’t in a situation to get to know those animals the same way. But where we are wrong is in telling ourselves those animals don’t know any better, therefore don’t suffer as much. No animal gets comfortable with a lifetime of suffering. Food animals suffer terribly in life, and their death is neither quick or painless. Our demand for huge quantities and portions of meat has driven up production of livestock. And with that demand more animals are raised in less space, filthy conditions,  sometimes crammed into cages. If people would even eat less meat, in both frequency and portion size the demand would come down, more land could be used for crops and less animals would be born to suffer.


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