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Beef and Chemicals…’s what’s for dinner

July 10, 2011

A Cow’s natural diet is grass. We see cows around our east bay hills grazing on grass with plenty of space to roam. I can’t bear the thought of what ultimately happens to them but on the hills they’re a happy sight to see roaming and romping and munching grass. Factory farmed cattle, approximately 95% of our beef, spend their lives crammed into small spaces and stalls with little room to move or even turn around. They stand on packed earth in their own waste. They are fed corn which is not their natural diet, they can’t digest it properly, and it makes them sick. As a result they are given a steady dose of anti-biotics to combat the intestinal parasites from the poor digestion from their bad diet. This is on top of receiving growth hormones so they get bigger fatter faster. And if that’s not bad enough the corn they’re given (that’s also used in our corn syrup and shelf foods) is genetically modified (GMO) or engineered (GE). GMO’s are Franken seeds created to withstand the poisons used on crops. The long term effects are still unknown but GE foods are suspected in our steep increase in food allergies, even autism and cancers. We just don’t know enough. The bottom line is the meat we eat has all the crap in it that the animal was given. They lived their lives sick, scared, in pain, and got no exercise. In addition to artificial growth hormones animals produce their own hormones naturally including high levels of cortisol the stress hormone. And we eat it all.


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