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You are what you eat

August 2, 2011

The human body is a miracle machine programmed to be healthy. Cancer, heart disease and diabetes, the big 3, are not our natural course, but we accept them as common ailments we hope we are “lucky enough” to avoid. It’s not about luck, or even genetics. When we eat an organic plant based diet of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grains, and avoid the fats, hormones and toxins of animal products, and pesticides on plants, we give our body all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy. When we give our body what it needs it does all the work. Our digestive track is an efficient distribution center breaking down and then sending the proper nutrients to our organs and systems. What isn’t immediately used is stored in fat and tissue for later. Toxins, which the body can’t identify, are stored indefinitely and are re-digested with the same result. The regulatory system controls our pH by balancing our intake of acids and alkaline. People come to Whole Foods for test strips and alkaline products to try to tip the balance against cancer which thrives on an acidic system yet they’re eating acidic animal proteins. Our immune system stands guard over it all fighting the toxins we breathe and ingest. The standard American diet (SAD) is a one, two punch for bad health. It is loaded with fat, salt, sugar, and toxins and void of life promoting nutrients, vitamins and minerals. When our bodies lack the phytonutrients needed for healthy cells in body and mind, and the assault of chemicals tax our immune system fighting the very food we put in our body, over time it gives up and gives out allowing the big 3 diseases to thrive.


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  1. Amanda permalink

    Okay, I am back. This post is amazing! I woulf like to see a nutritionist state the facts any better. Really well said!

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