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Brown paper packages

March 3, 2012

I work at a whole foods in customer service. In every shift I spend some time bagging groceries. It’s an enjoyable task moving up and down the line chatting with customers and fellow cashiers. The part I like the least is bagging meat. I stand at the end of the lane with the belt moving groceries into my reach. Most of our meat comes freshly packaged from the meat department in anonymous brown wrapping. I lift each package to put into a sack. They are cold and heavy. And sad. I imagine that just recently this animal was warm and covered with fur or feathers. Most likely a female, she liked the sun on her back, running and playing, and rolling on the ground. She loved her mom and hopefully got to spend some time with her before the system forced them apart. I delight at the non meat orders and thankfully there are many. When I see familiar brands of meat substitutes or just good old beans and rice I think about the animals that didn’t have to suffer for those particular meals. I read that meat consumption in the U.S. is going down from its worldwide high. Not because of the economy, with gov’t subsidized crap feed and factory farmed animals poor quality meat is one of our most affordable foods, though calling it food is a stretch. People are learning about the horrors that go into producing low quality meats which is what’s in most of our stores and restaurants. So try a meal or two without the meat and be sure and look for my line.


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